netflix keeps freezing

31. října 2011 v 20:34

i have a mac and use safari internet. Well i have tried to watch 2 movies on netflick watch instantly, and the movie keeps freezing. i have had the movies work before .
Now this problem just started happening for me. I turn on my ps3 and everything is normal starts up, internet works, music, pictures, videos I have
PS3- Keeps freezing on Netflix, it will not stop thinking, and then it will not shut off. I have unplugged it, plugged.
I've been having the same problem but with all videos. I am using IE8. I have tried all the tricks you mentioned without sucess. Videos from other sources (netflix .
What's Going on with Netflix Streaming Performance? I noticed about 3 weeks ago my streaming video performance from Netflix has become unbearably slow. I'm
Nintendo Wii The Netflix channel keeps freezing my Wii. Related posts: Nintendo Wii Channel freezing
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Why does netflix keep freezing and how can you prevent it?
There is no answer. This is a common problem with posts ALL OVER the internet.
A: Let Gamers answer your question: netflix keeps freezing Netflix keeps on freezing my Xbox 360.

netflix keeps freezing

..what can I do to fix this? - GameFly
A: I noticed this with Netflix and ESPN on my Xbox. So it's either a problem on their end, or somethings wrong with your internet. For me, the problem was the internet.
While watching Instant movies, the movie just stops and sits there. Im running an ethernet cable to my samsung bluray player that has Netflix installed and a
Best Answer: You should check your internet speed that's usually the problem or maybe a faulty connection. I have broadband and it runs super smooth.
I've recenty done a system update (and it says everything is up to date) but every time I run the Netflix channel the

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