0301-101 usr lib boot bin mkboot chrp

31. října 2011 v 20:05

TechLib - IBM RS/6000 Technical Library is a service offering 0301-101 usr lib boot bin mkboot chrp of IBM Global Services for customers with RS/6000 systems running AIX that provides the latest .
Hi, I try to migrate AIX 5.3 from a local to a SAN disk for a new machine machine1: hdisk0 (34GB) hdisk1 (34GB) I changed copies =1 in /image.data
Richard, Yes, /tmp has space. /dev/hd3 786432 608948 23% 134 1% /tmp (I should mention that this worked fine on the other machine with the .
Hi, I try to migrate AIX 5.3 from a local to a SAN disk for a new machine machine1: hdisk0 (34GB) hdisk1 (34GB) I changed copies =1 in /image.data machine2: hdisk .
Richard, Yes, /tmp has space. /dev/hd3 786432 608948 23% 134 1% /tmp (I should mention that this worked fine on the other machine with the .
Hi; I'm trying to install TSM 0301-101 usr lib boot bin mkboot chrp on 2 new p550 9113 machines to replace our current machines. I have AIX 5.3.2 installed. I tried to install TSM, and got the .
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